Digital Home Working smarter, together
Center of the Digital Home Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Home customers can control and automate their connected devices. Integrate your product with Xfinity Digital Home to take advantage of Xfinity capabilities and delight users. Contact Us
Compelling Integrations Integrate your smart home products with Digital Home. Customers get a single interface to manage their entire smart home, and you get to differentiate your products from competitors. Learn about the different integration options below.
Zigbee Xfinity Home supports select Zigbee 3.0 certified devices for a great smart home experience.
Cloud to Cloud Xfinity xFi and Xfinity Home support select cloud integrations for devices that lack local connectivity options.
Voice Control with Xfinity X1 X1 customers can use voice commands to view live video feeds, arm their security system, lock doors, control lights, change the temperature, set scenes, and more. Integrate your device with Xfinity to add voice control capabilities and give your device a spot on the largest screen in the house.
Why Work with Xfinity? Xfinity works with innovative smart home brands to give our customers compelling user experiences and more ways to control their connected home.
Developer Training Training from Comcast engineers to help accelerate product development
DDKs Detailed documentation to help you navigate the design, development, and certification process
Syndication Comcast licenses Xfinity products to other leading service providers in North America to extend the reach of your integration to their customers
Development Kits Xfinity hardware to help you develop and test your integration to accelerate your development
Support Answers to your questions from Comcast engineers
Industry Standards Comcast supports industry standards like RDK, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and others to expand your market
Grow Your Business with Xfinity Get your products and brand in front of Xfinity customers. Learn more and start developing with Xfinity today.
Additional Features One Xfinity integration gives your product voice control, a place on the big screen, and a spot in our app that lets customers control their entire smart home and more.
Addressable Market Expand your audience reach to Comcast’s millions of customers.
Marketing and Sales Market your products’ Xfinity compatibility and give customers confidence to purchase your products. Select developers can also increase awareness with a partner page on and press release. Our apps and interfaces also let customers purchase select Works With Xfinity products directly.
Best-in-Class Join other best-in-class connected home brands and become a Works with Xfinity partner today.