Apps on the Xfinity X1 Platform X1 is how we do TV
Apps on the
Xfinity X1 Platform
Content on X1 and Flex reaches millions of Xfinity customers across the country.
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Process to bring your app to Xfinity’s streaming entertainment platforms From development to deployment, it's easy to get your app on X1 and Flex.
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Why develop apps for Xfinity? With X1 and Flex, we are aggregating, integrating and delivering an extensive library of streaming entertainment on one platform for Xfinity customers.
Better Search and Discovery: X1 offers customers seamless access to all of their live, on demand, DVR, and online programming in one place, including hundreds of networks, studios, and streaming services, all easily accessible with the voice remote.

Flex extends many of these features to Xfinity’s Internet-only customers, giving them one device to access and manage all of their streaming services.
Engaged Customer Base: Billions of hours of on demand and streaming content are consumed on Xfinity platforms yearly.
Language and Accessibility: The ability to change the X1 and Flex guides and voice remote language to Spanish, and accessibility features like voice guidance with the X1 talking guide bring X1 Apps to more customers.
X1 Platform Features
JavaScript SDK Access X1 services using our JavaScript SDK. Learn more
Feature Discovery Promote new features using Quick Launch Templates. Learn more
Streamlined Sign-In Streamline the sign-in process using Email Pre-Fill. Learn more
Voice Integration Integrate with the Voice Remote to allow users to navigate to content directly. Learn more
Personalized Content Discovery Surface personalized content throughout the X1 Platform with our discovery APIs. Learn more
Development Tools Code with our easy to use suite of development tools and hardware. Learn more
Design Tools Use our design tools to make your app stand out. Learn more
Parental Controls Leverage Parental Controls to let customers restrict access to inappropriate content. Learn more
Partnering with Xfinity
Syndicate Your App The X1 Syndication program brings the premier multiscreen, cloud-based video entertainment platform to other markets. Learn how to distribute your app via X1 Syndication. Learn more
Reference Design Kit RDK is an open-source platform for the connected home, powering broadband gateways, TV boxes, streaming devices, and more. Learn more