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X1 Apps Platform Features

The X1 app platform enables applications to leverage features of X1 to create a game-changing entertainment experience. Click on the icons below to learn more!

Javascript SDK

Access X1 platform features in your application using our Javascript SDK

Feature Discovery

Educate your user about the great features in your application while the the app is loading using Quick Launch Templates

Streamlined Sign-Up / Sign-In

Streamline the sign-up / sign-in process in your application using features such as Email Pre-Fill and Whole-Home Sign-In

Voice integration

Give your users the power to directly get to the content they want by integrating your application with our Emmy award winning X1 Voice Remote

Personalized Content Discovery

Surface your content, personalized for the user, throughout X1 by utilizing our discovery APIs

Development Tools

Develop your application with confidence using our suite of development tools and hardware

Design Tools

Make your app stand out on the biggest screen in the house with our design tools and guidelines

Parental Controls

Access parental control features of the X1 platform from your application to ensure mature content stays out of the hands of little ones